Saturday, February 25, 2012

new game

My daughter was in an the mood for some kung fu tonight, as usual. This included anything from alternating between feet and fists to smashing into my stomach so hard my computer (which was sitting on my abdomen) literally lifted off a few centimeters, then slid to my bed.

I decided to get some payback by firmly pressing down on her wherever a particularly offending bump or nudge originated from with two of my fingers. This caused her to stop for a few seconds, and then do what I can only assume was retaliate by kicking back extra-hard. The laptop slides off onto the bed, once again. Follow that kick up with another nudge from me, and a moment later she did it again. We repeated this process for what was probably a good ten-fifteen minutes.

Either it's all coincidence, or this kid thinks it's a game. I was having a real-life poke war with my five-and-a-half month old fetus. Either I am a crazy-awesome parent already, or I have just set myself up for a world of hurt.

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