Friday, May 13, 2011


I got to run "home" today with Dad to get my internet hooked up. It was such a relief to actually see my new apartment. It's very spacious, relatively clean, and altogether perfect for an undergrad with a part-time job and full-time class. I can't wait to get moved in next weekend. Alex and I showed off the new SDSU Dairy Bar to my dad. I'll get some pictures up to Facebook during the moving process, and perhaps one or two of the finished "product" here.
I'm also finding my way around my "new" HTC Evo. My most recent phone, and my first smartphone, was a Samsung Intercept...a truly awful cell phone in general. I would argue with it over the most basic functions, and having more than four applications at a time would send it to hysterics. Thank God I have a tech-savvy, computer-programming father who can show me the ins and outs of such things before my head explodes. I'm pretty good with technology and figuring things out, but life is ten times easier when I have someone competent guiding me along.

I had a great evening out with my childhood friend Kali last night. The fact that Kali and I are even speaking to one another is an incredible thing, and it means the world to me to have her in my life. She is among my dearest friends. How amazing it is when two people can go through everything Kali and I have, together and apart, and still come back from it all closer than ever.
Every time we're together, Kali and I end up spending way more time than we planned talking and laughing. She has been such a blessing to me, especially over the past four years.
She is among the people who have been encouraging me lately to get my story out.

I'm skeptical of how to go about starting to get the story together. I've been writing snippets here and there in MicWord and then saving them with file names like "doodle" all over my computer. It's a mess. I just have no clue how to organize my thoughts, since they change so much, and so drastically. Different aspects, scenarios, perspectives, and feelings manage to work their respective ways through my head. With a story so complex, how DO you get the whole thing out in one piece?

I'm thinking that I may just get some of it out on this blog. Perhaps that's the way I'd like to "utilize" this medium. (Geeky.) Some of it is really personal. Some of it is really sad. Some of it is funny as hell. I don't know how anyone will react to it. I'm not even sure I know how to react to it, but...

maybe, just maybe, if I can start "publishing" little tiny things for a little tiny audience...(hello? are you there?) I can start getting my best work forward...and work up the courage, audacity, and confidence to take it beyond the OpEx.

I'm about to tell you (my fabled audience) how I became a Survivor.

Oh, yeah. I'm on this kick - again - of taking pictures of a whole bunch of inanimate objects with my dad's really awesome camera. I don't get access to this toy for a long time, so I'm milking it. I'm going to try to convince some of my girlfriends to let me do a photo shoot with them tomorrow. Meanwhile, here is a picture of a flower (sideways) taken by yours truly:

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