Wednesday, May 11, 2011

quarter-life crisis

To-Do List: to be completed by the age of 30:

Take dance lessons.
Get a passport.

Use said passport to visit Anne in Denmark.
Get my Master's.
Get my PhD.
Run a 5K.
Buy a nice camera and freelance.
Learn to develop my own pictures.
Raise/train a puppy.
Take more piano lessons.
Teach piano lessons.
Put on a fundraiser/sponsor a walk for "Out of the Darkness."
Complete the BWW's "Blazin' Challenge."
Finish drafting my memoir. 
Send memoir to editing/get an agent.
Swim in both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.
Skinny dip. ( only live once.)
Get my "heritage" tattoo.
Get up the courage to talk to/confront Joe's parents.
Making new friends is mandatory.
Become a teacher.
Direct a play.
Learn to cook. ACTUALLY cook. Probably from my mom, the most fabulous cook of all time.
Scrapbook my college snapshots.
Read the Bible.

...Add to this list.

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