Monday, September 26, 2011


Lately, my posts have been really derogatory and, frankly, bitchy.
I promise, I'm not always like that. Writing helps me sort through tough situations, so I turn to blogging to express my frustrations and interpretations to work through them.
I thought I would make another "happy" list...since I was feeling quite chipper today while walking around campus. I love fall weather.
a picture of a tree, taken by me.
BAM. rhyme.

A good book.
Apples from the apple orchard.
Curling up in my tie blanket.
Completing a "to-do" list.
Having a "good trumpet" day.
Having a clean room.
Snuggling up with Alex.
Singing to my favorite songs in the car.
Halloween decorations.
Thunderstorms and rain.
Sleeping in.
Going for walks.
Fun socks.
Calling my parents.
Jacks football games.
Hot chocolate, apple cider, and tea.
A good nap.
Playing the piano well again.
Taking pictures of things and people.
Playing trumpet duets with Alex.
Basically, anything with Alex. :)
Giving and receiving compliments.
Jack-o-lanterns. (I'm making one this year....or maybe two!)
Getting exciting inspirations ALREADY about teaching!
Pumpkin pie.
Fall night air.
Acing tests.
Understanding metric modulation.
Jimmy John's sub sandwiches.
Holding babies.

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  1. "Chipper" is great! Wishing you lots of chipper moments!